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What You Should Know About Hair Toner

Why use a hair toner?

When describing a toner, colourists frequently use the terms “hair shine” or “glaze,” which are both interchangeable.

To put it simply, a toner is a demi-permanent hair colouring solution that has the consistency of a gel and briefly deposits colour onto hair to intensify or soften hues while enhancing shine.

Because the dye in toners is demi-permanent, it fades every time hair is washed but usually lasts for four to six weeks. As a result, it’s a simple, low-risk solution for those who wish to experiment with various hues.

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How does a hair toner function?

After a single or dual process, a toner is typically added. But you may also use it between colour appointments to keep your hair looking fresh.

You should frequently upgrade blowout appointments with a gloss for an added improvement and shines boost.

Reapply a gloss every eight weeks to revive hair colour and fortify strands for optimal volume. Glosses last for six to eight shampoos.

Are there any drawbacks to using hair toner?

There isn’t much risk associated with utilizing toner because the colour in it is transient and loses brilliance with each wash. However, it’s a good idea to bring your stylist a picture of the end style you’re going for to every colour visit. Then “your colourist can figure out how to bring that look to life.”

Can hair toner be used at home?

This is definitely not the time to take risks, and you should follow the instructions exactly as they are outlined in the box. Also, stay far away from toners that contain ammonia in the formulation this is how people end up with orange hair. If you are absolutely desperate, go for a gloss or a demi-permanent colour.

Do toners come in varieties?

Both glosses and toners exist. “Toners may contain ammonia, which can lighten hair, whereas glosses deposit colour but do not lighten the hair.”

Glosses are far superior to toners because they combine colours to create harmony between colours and because they work well on all hair types to give hair more volume and a protein boost.

Tinted shampoos and conditioners are essential for taking care of colour-treated hair at home and are regarded as a form of hair toner.

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