How To Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

It’s fun to experiment with hair colour. Semi-permanent hair dye will maintain your look current whether you want to experiment with a daring new hue or simply enhance your natural colour. The best part is that it won’t cause the harm or commitment that permanent hair dye frequently does. However, things can get complicated when attempting to remove semi-permanent makeup.

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How To Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Implement a clarifying shampoo

Small molecules used in semi-permanent hair dye are able to partially penetrate your hair’s cuticle but not all the way into the cortex.

This indicates that the dye will eventually fade naturally. It usually lasts between four and six weeks before dissipating. However, there can be a period when you demand results immediately. Thus, using a potent clarifying shampoo to clean your hair will help you hasten the process.

A clarifying shampoo will seek to release the direct dyes from your hair even if its purpose is to eliminate mineral buildups like chlorine and heavy-style products.

Depending on how strongly the colour is dyed, a clarifying shampoo can remove undesired colours from the hair. Try running a clarifying shampoo over wet hair from root to tip, covering your head with a plastic hat for ten minutes, and then rinsing.


Although employing chemicals to remove the unwanted colour from your hair is technically a safer option, you should still set aside time to use a deep conditioner or restorative hair treatment after using a clarifying shampoo.

This is because a clarifying shampoo will remove the natural oils your hair needs to keep healthy while also removing any undesirable colour.

Apply a generous amount of the repair mask to your hair after shampooing with the shampoo mixture out. Let it remain on your hair for five to fifteen minutes, then rinse.

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