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How To Get Rid Of Hair Dye From Your Skin

One of the most annoying side effects of colouring our hair is getting hurt by errant drops of dye. The dye always seems to get to drip over our neck, ears, hairline, or hands, whether the dyeing procedure is done in a salon or over our bathroom sinks, and those stains are tenacious little suckers.

Does hair colour damage skin?

It’s no secret that hair dyes still contain a combination of chemicals to bleach, lighten, or change hair colour despite safer FDA rules throughout time.

However, because it may produce “irritation or allergy on the skin,” it’s not exactly the kind of lotion you want lingering around for longer than necessary, especially on the delicate scalp and face area.

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How To Get Rid Of Hair Dye From Your Skin

Leave it

It may sound ludicrous, but if there are only a few dye specks or even a few spots of stained skin, as long as it doesn’t irritate your skin or your thoughts, leave it alone. Your skin will begin to wipe as soon as it begins to create some natural oils, usually within a day.

Clean immediately

Keep a bowl of clean water nearby and a rag or paper towel on available during at-home dye projects to clean up dye splashes and smears as they occur. “It’s preferable to wash any colour off the skin soon after contact. You don’t need any product at all, just water will do the job.

Choose a hydrating baby wipe

To avoid an unnecessary dry-out if the colour didn’t budge, move on to cheap baby wipes with moisturizing chemicals. Because they are soft and non-stripping on the skin but strong on stains and residue, baby wipes are a perfect alternative for people with delicate skin types.

Rinse with a creamy shampoo

While you wait for the colour to dry, try doing this if you find any dye around your hairline or on your neck. Take a small amount of shampoo and rub it into the hairline and any other areas that the shampoo can stain before washing the hair colour out.

Don’t use any irritants

Alcohol should not be used to remove colour. It can make the skin drier, weaken its protective layer, and allow the dye to absorb more deeply, worsening the reaction.

However, avoid using pure rubbing alcohol and anything else that contains alcohol or other drying agents. Until your skin rebalances, use exfoliants and acids with extreme caution since they might cause more harm than good.

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