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How To Detangle Heavily Matted Hair

Even though using a good detangler and brushing your hair may typically repair your everyday tangles, occasionally those knots and tangles develop a will of their own. In those circumstances, we’re faced with the update no one requested: What were previously straightforward knots and tangles become intricately entangled mats. Hair that is matted is not amusing.

Although you might be tempted to reach for the scissors right away, resist the urge. You can eliminate mats from your home if you have the correct attitude and tools.

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Why is hair so heavily matted?

When hair is matted, shed and connected strands come together to produce clumps that are worse than regular knots and tangles.

While routine knots are relatively simple to remove, mats are difficult, if not completely impossible, to do so with a brush or comb alone.

Product accumulation on the hair shaft from styling products, inadequately shampooed hair, conditioner or hair masks left in for too long, and similar factors are the main causes of hair matting. That accumulation eventually results in hair that is so dull and covered that strands are readily tangled together as a result of the resulting friction.

How To Detangle Heavily Matted Hair

1. Use your fingers to thoroughly distribute the detangler spray among the mass of matted hair before covering the entire area with it.

2. Make sure the hair is well sprayed with the detangler spray before using your fingers to attempt to gently loosen the hair strands.

3. To create more lubrication and slip, apply oil to the hair mass. As you attempt to separate the hair fibres from one another, you will be able to safely comb through the hair thanks to this. For this phase, make use of the wide-tooth comb.

4. Remove any hair that is hanging freely. Utilizing a detangling brush, work from the bottom of the hair up toward the matted region gently and carefully.

5. As needed, switch between the detangling brush, wide-tooth comb, and rat-tail comb depending on which is most helpful at untangling the matt-area tangles. Use the tip of an Invisibobble Waver to separate hairs from the mass in places with dense hair growth.

6. Use the wide-tooth comb to get rid of any stray hairs in the mat as the hair separates from the mass. For additional hydration and protection, apply conditioner to those ends. Repeat the previous procedures up until the mat is completely gone.

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