How To Get Rid Of Little Tangles In Natural Hair

If you’ve let your hair get to around an inch in length, you’re aware that tangles can occur. Additionally, you may have observed that it might be difficult to avoid knots if your mane has a little more texture.

If you don’t take care, those waves, curls, and coils may effectively turn your natural hair into a tangle magnet. You might develop a tangle in a single strand, or what the natural hair community refers to as a “fairy knot,” if it happens frequently enough.

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How To Get Rid Of Little Tangles In Natural Hair

Test out Mid-Wash Braiding

Managing your hair in braided pieces may help if you have trouble doing it on wash day. Using this method, you can shampoo and condition your hair without promoting tangles. A nice place to start is by dividing your hair in half and making four medium-sized braids on each side.

In general, two-strand twists keep up better when wet than braids do, but you can choose whichever is simpler for you to perform. Just remember to re-braid or re-twist your hair when it comes undone to avoid fairy knots and tangles.

Try not to comb through the knot

Although it might be your initial reaction to comb through the knot, doing so might make it worse. The best and least harmful way to get rid of any form of a knot in your hair is to first avoid brushing or combing through it because doing so adds tension and merely strengthens the knot.

Instead, try untangling your hair by pulling the individual hair strands apart. To illustrate this further, imagine untangling the strands by pulling one at a time while using the index and thumb of each hand to separate them in different directions.

Use a deep conditioner to hydrate

A bottle of hair conditioner, a rattail comb, and some diligence are other tools you’ll need to remove an existing fairy knot.

Apply conditioner directly to that small bulb once you’ve located the fairy knot. Gently knead the knot with the pointed tip of the comb until you finally notice it beginning to split.

The procedure should remind you of all the times you untied a knot in your shoelaces by using a stick-like device. However, you should try to prevent jabbing motions with your rattail comb or you run the risk of fraying the hair.

Get Trimmed Frequently

Although you’ve certainly heard it before, getting frequent trims might help avoid the need for a more extreme haircut that you might not want.

Your hair’s ends are more fragile than the hair that grows from your scalp since they are older, and they consequently need more care.

Even though they are at the ends of the hair, split ends might be the sole cause of two hair strands of different lengths joining together. A split end may hook into the cuticle of another strand or the split ends may become entangled.

Put on a Protective Look

Using protective styles is one of the best ways to keep fairy knots at bay. Fairy knots can be avoided by using double-strand twists and braided designs.

If protective styles aren’t your preference, you can choose styles that lengthen your natural hair in their place. Curls that are longer tend to tangle less frequently. You prevent knotting, just make sure to stretch your hair evenly throughout and to keep it all pulled in the same direction.

To reduce the possibility of those annoying knots, you should choose a style that extends the hair strands all the way to the ends.

Sleep in a Silk Bonnet

There are numerous strategies to avoid fairy knots, but in my opinion, using a satin pillowcase or silk bonnet while you sleep will significantly reduce your risk of developing these tangles at the ends of your hair.

It can also assist to use a silk pillowcase because it has been shown to lessen friction (in comparison to conventional cotton), which helps stop your hair from tangling and losing moisture while you sleep.

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