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Things You Are Doing That Are Drying Your Hair

You’re not alone if your hair feels drier than ever these days. Almost everyone, regardless of hair type, might experience dry hair during the winter months. And while we might not have any influence over the weather, we do have several other things that affect the health of our hair within our control. In addition to the well-known methods for hydrating hair, there are a number of negative hair habits that may be silently robbing your hair of moisture that you may not even be aware of.

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Things You Are Doing That Are Drying Your Hair

Heat styling every day

If you apply heat to your hair, it is more likely to get damaged and dry regardless of the type of hair you have. Try utilizing dry shampoos to extend your style for one or two more days rather than using heat styling every day. Additionally, give your hair a break from the heat by letting it air dry for at least one or two of your weekly washes. Accept that organic texture! And before you even touch the blow-dryer when utilizing heat style, make sure you’re applying a special heat-protectant.


It can be alluring to want to wake up every morning with clean, freshly shampooed hair, but frequent washing can strip your hair of its natural oils, resulting in dry strands and frayed ends. Aim to use shampoo no more than a couple of times a week at most, and be sure to use the proper products to rehydrate your hair after washing. Always condition your hair after a shampoo, and use a leave-in conditioner.

Harsh brushing

Although you may believe that brushing your hair is good for it, this is only true if you brush gently. There are a few strategies to reduce the damage and make brushing your hair more gentle if you frequently experience tugging, pulling, and ripping. To begin with, check that you’re brushing from the ends to the roots to avoid creating further tangles. Additionally, use an oil-infused detangler if you’re detangling wet hair to moisturize the strands as you work (and deliver moisture all day long).

Eliminating oils

Your friends are the oils! They are the most potent moisturizers available for hair care, and when applied properly, they won’t leave your hair feeling greasy or slick. Include argan oil in your regimen. The end effect is hair that is moisturized, silky, lustrous, and generally healthier. I apply this oil to all of my actors as well as to myself. I can use it on naturally curly hair, coloured hair, blow-dried hair, and even on the scalp because it is so all-purpose.

Utilizing soiled towels

Using old, worn-out towels is another frequently disregarded element that can cause hair dryness. The more friction a towel has against your hair and against a damaged hair cuticle, the rougher the cloth will be.

You want to make sure you’re using a soft, gentle towel to prevent damage while you’re drying because your hair cuticle is in charge of defending your hair from harm and sealing in moisture.

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