Stylish Ripped Jeans

Crazy jeans are ripped jeans with tears or rips often on the knees and thighs and sometimes on other parts of the jean material.

These jeans are trending wears among youths and they come in different types, sizes and colors that can fit different people.

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Mens ripped knee jeans

Men knee torn pants are by and large more on-request. The insane look from the torn

pants gives suits best for male clothing. Young men are ordinarily seen in twisted pants in light of their unpleasant way of life.

Mens straight legged ripped jeans

Straight-legged torn pants for men are likewise with planner impacts in them. A differentiation shading patch is seen from inside the pants with the piece of the skin. The

creator’s impact gives more fascination because of the shaded material peeping from inside. The stylish cool look can be best for men with a solid body.

Women ripped jeans 

Women ripped jeans are loved by ladies that want to achieve a unique and cool look.

Rolled up jeans – girls

This makes you look chic


This is also loved and purchased by many people.

Ripped and repaired

Ripped and repaired pants give an awesome cool look too. The interwoven looks as though the torn regions are covered with various hued pants. The stylish look with such pants can

give you a popular cool picture. High boots can work out in a good way for the fixed up pants.

 Baggy Ripped Skinny Jeans for ladies

High Waist Crazy Jeans

Plus size distressed jeans

Distressed boyfriend jeans

Distressed khaki jeans

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