Palazzo Pants: Trending Wears And How To Wear Them

Palazzo pants are supremely comfortable because of their wonderfully loose cut, which

allows the legs to swirl around you as you walk and gives a graceful flair to your figure.

This loose styling can be relatively conservative, rather like French-cut flared jeans which flare from the hip rather than the waist.

But if you prefer, you can find palazzo pants which are very loosely styled, looking almost like a maxi dress rather than pants.

As well as the standard waistline, there are also high-waisted and low rise versions, each

bringing its own special flair to the style of the trouser.

Some palazzo pants, especially the closer fitting versions, have zip closures at the front or side, but the looser styles tend to have elasticated or drawstring waists.

Hems are often left to move freely, but a gathered ankle gives a different ambience.

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Will Palazzo Pants Suit My Figure?
It’s a common myth that shorter women, or those with curves, can’t wear palazzo pants, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Naturally, it’s important to choose your outfits carefully so you make the best

of your silhouette, but with a little effort, you can make yourself look superb.

If you are shorter or curvier, opt for palazzo pants that aren’t too loose or you can easily

look overwhelmed, especially if you pick a bold design or bright colour.

Be careful to choose a well-fitting top or use light layering to avoid giving a larger impression.

Taller women can wear very loose palazzo pants with confidence, but always remember to

consider your overall impression when selecting the rest of your outfit.

Cute Palazzo Pants Outfits
The feminine cut of palazzo pants makes them perfect for creating a cute look. Loosely styled pants,

perhaps with a little polka-dot print and teamed with a frilled cross-over top, is a wonderful choice for a summer evening.

Or try a gorgeous pastel pair with a hint of pink, matched with a soft pin-striped top for the ultimate in cool elegance.

Casual Palazzo Pants Outfits
The superb comfort of these wears makes them a natural choice for a casual look. For an

unfussy approach, choose plain palazzos in vibrant colour and wear with a plain contrasting top.

To give emphasis to the flaring nature of your palazzos, go for a stretch top such as a classic tee, crop top or spaghetti top.

Or to bring out your softer side, try palazzos with a pretty floral print together with a frilled gipsy top.

And nothing works better as a beach cover-up than light palazzos with a bikini top or plunging scoop neck vest.

Vintage Palazzo Pants Outfits
Of course, with its roots so firmly in vintage culture, the retro look really lets your palazzo pants outfit shine.

Classic vintage-print palazzos are the order of the day here, with striking monochrome

prints such as diagonals or Jacquards, as well as richly coloured choices like ethnic mandala patterns, kaleidoscopic designs or bold florals.

These palazzos make the best impact teamed with a plain-coloured top.

What Shoes Work Best With Palazzo Pants?

Elegant high heels are always a great choice, as they accent the length of your legs and the shapeliness of your feet.

A summer outfit begs for strappy sandals, whilst classic heeled court shoes work wonderfully for a formal occasion.

Mid-height heels also look good; cork mules retain the retro theme for a vintage ensemble

and low sandals are a comfortable option for a semi-casual theme.

But don’t discount flat shoes either. A pair of espadrilles can totally make a sailor-style palazzo ensemble and Adidas sneakers give laid-back chic to a casual outfit.

So why wait any longer? The palazzo pants style is most definitely for everyone and finding

the right look for you is just a matter of looking around at what’s on offer and making your choice.

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