Should Curtain Match The Wall Or Couch

Should Curtain Match The Wall Or Couch

Changing out the curtains in a room is a cheap way to add additional colour and vibrancy. It can add style and appeal to your house for visitors and family members. But the question that most people have is: Do curtains need to match the couch or the walls to work?

The style, texture, size, and colour palette of your living room’s walls and couch should all be reflected in the curtains. To achieve the intended impression, they must appear deliberate and well-balanced. Unmatched curtains will result in a stylistic clash that detracts from the room’s elegance.

However, this does not imply that they must match precisely. The space will appear drab and monotonous if the same colour and materials are used throughout.

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Advice on How to Coordinate Your Curtains with the Walls and Couch in Your Living Room

Here are some easy guidelines to follow so that your curtains complement your walls and couch.

Look Into Your Living Area To ascertain the necessary style

Examine the space to ascertain the overall style of the area before purchasing drapes. This will assist you in selecting the appropriate style of curtains to go with your current décor.

You can design your living room according to many ideas, such as eclectic, modern, or classic. Choosing a style can help you find the curtains you need to match your living space more easily.

Choose curtains that are the Right Size

Selecting the right curtain size is the next step after deciding on a style. Make sure the curtain you choose is at least twice as wide as your window. Your windows will appear more exquisite and the space will appear larger as a result.

Next, you must select one with the length required to produce the desired style of curtain. A lengthier curtain is required, for instance, if you are adopting a real puddle style. It needs to be at least six inches longer than the distance measured from the floor to the curtain rod.

Similarly, a shorter curtain is required if you wish to utilize one that is sill length. A curtain that is ½ inch shorter than the distance between the rod and your window sill is what you need.

Select a Curtain in Complementary Colors

Choose a colour that complements your walls’ tone, either slightly lighter or darker. However, you must choose an accent colour from the room if you intend to combine contrasting colours. It could be the colour of your couch or throw pillows, or it could be a tint from your rug.

Combining a few base colours with one neutral hue is the best way to design a space. In contrast, you could also require a few accent colours. That being said, as long as you stick to your selected colour scheme, any combination will look good.

Select the Appropriate Material for Curtains

Selecting the appropriate curtain fabrics that complement the texture of your couch and walls is crucial. Your decorations will appear more unified and well-planned as a result.

Using cotton, silk, and velvet for your curtain is a terrific option for traditional patterns. For more seclusion, you can combine it with Roman shades, sheers, or wooden blinds.

The ideal curtain materials to use if you’re striving for a casual style are polyester and linen. On the other hand, printed and laced curtains are less formal in modern designs. It will look great and fit right in with contemporary décor.

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