Are Curtain Suppose To Touch The Ground

The majority of us enjoy decorating with gorgeous new curtains in our homes. We occasionally question whether our drapes should reach the floor as we work. The response to this query is significant since it may have an impact on our decorating strategy.

Curtains indeed need to reach the floor. With a few exceptions, it will appear more fashionable and refined the longer the curtains. This explains why the majority of ready-made curtains are long. However, the truth is that different decorating motifs call for varied curtain lengths. While some styles require the curtains to reach the floor, others do not.

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Are Curtain Suppose To Touch The Ground


The Sill is the shortest form of curtain length. Typically, it extends a half-inch above the window sill. These kinds of curtains can give your house a laid-back and attractive appearance. It gives a space personality by utilizing vibrant colours and patterns.

This kind of curtain length is what we use for tiny windows. Because of their small length, they won’t obstruct the counter, heater, or furnishings that are situated beneath them. Most kitchens and bathrooms have some variation of this type of curtain.


An apron-length curtain’s typical length is one inch less than the window apron. This particular length of the curtain is not very common. However, they are useful since their length can keep dirt and dust from the floor from building up.

Sometimes these curtain lengths could appear excessively short. Therefore, it is best to use them only on windows when full-length curtains are obstructed by items.


One of the most common kinds of curtains you may use in your house is floor-length curtains. Its normal length is situated 0.5 inches above the ground. This style of curtain length looks sleek and elegant. It gives the appearance of higher, more attractive windows.

Most floor-length curtains are not in contact with the ground. Your curtains will look cleaner and hang straighter as a result.

This kind of curtain length is utilized in high-traffic areas like the living room. It is attractive to look at and useful in equal measure.


Breaking-length curtains have a fitted appearance; they are also referred to as the break puddle. Its length varies between half an inch and an inch or more above the ground.

Curtains with broken lengths have a small fold or break at the bottom. This results in banding that contrasts and looks fashionable and refined. The ideal fabrics to use for curtains of this length are cotton or linen. Your home can feel cosier and more relaxed by using these items.


Your home will look elegant with trousers-length curtains. Its length exceeds the distance to the floor by at least two inches.

This kind of curtain length forms the proper bends and folds. It gives the appearance of more style and well-groomed curtains.

The finest results are obtained with crisper, thicker materials for trouser-length curtains. Your dining room, family room, and bedroom will all look great with it.


Puddle-length curtains are the longest kind of curtains and are also referred to as real puddles. Its average length is at least six inches above the ground. These curtain lengths have an opulent and striking appearance. For tall windows, puddle-length curtains work best. It works well for rooms you wish to use to wow family members and guests.

Velvet and thick cotton textiles are usually used for this kind of curtain length. However, if you own pets, we do not advise this length. This is due to how readily pet hair and other things can gather in the excess cloth at the bottom.

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