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Palm Slippers For Men – fashion

Men palm slippers are trending slippers that are loved by men for its simplicity and

uniqueness because it is easy to wear and feels very light on the feet. It comes in different colors and designs plus it is mostly made with rubber and other materials.

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Though palms are not really meant for an official environment they can still be worn to the

workplace when you wear them with native wear in Nigeria. But as casual wears they are

mainly unisex wears that is they can be worn by both men and women, women often size

two times smaller than men since men’s feet are often bigger than that of women.

If you intend to purchase palm slippers for a girl or lady ensure you go for the one with a

bright color or colors also make sure that it has a beautiful design so it does not look like a man’s slippers.

Sometimes people mistake flip flops for slippers because they do not know the difference between them, the difference between these two-foot wears are not much at all the only

difference is that flip flops come with a definite shape while slippers do not come with a definite shape instead it comes in different shapes and designs.

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