Beautiful Ankara Foot wears

If you are looking for a way to make your footwear outstanding and unique just add Ankara to it and you will be shocked.

Ankara footwear is a new trending idea to give shoes, sandals, and slippers a new and unique look.

And it doesn’t necessarily need to be ladies footwear because it can be added to males footwear too, you can also make it to match with any design of  Ankara you are wearing at that particular time.

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It can be worn anywhere in case you are worried about these shoes being picky or selective not to worry you can wear them anywhere at all plus they are very easy to make and

budget-free though sometimes the amount you spend on making these shoes may depend on the kind of shoe or footwear you are making.

How to make Ankara footwear

  1. Trace Out Your Shoe Sole Size on Your Kari Board.
  2. Cut Out the Marked Outline.
  3. Cut Out the Mako and Sole to Your Size.
  4. Apply Fabric Glue.
  5. Attach to Shoe Linen.
  6. Cut Out Your Ankara Fabric.
  7. Attach to Your Slippers.
  8. Attach Your Sole.

Follow these easy steps and you will be making many different Ankara shoes at the comfort of your home without spending much money.

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