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Minimalist Summer Trends

The allure of each season seeps into our looks, and the arrival of spring and summer brings with it the urge to glow with lively vitality, both inside and out. 
So we decided to provide you with the hottest minimalist makeup trends for 2022 in order to take some of the heat off the sweltering sun.

Minimalist Summer Trends

Apply foundation sparingly

Do we imply a lighter tone when we say light? Nope. We recommend going with light-textured foundation for summer. The days of heavy, full coverage foundations are long gone, thanks to the confidence that this decade has given women from all walks of life.
Instead, women are embracing their faults by using light to medium coverage liquid foundations that enable the skin to breathe while giving it glossy shine that exudes healthy mind and body image. 
BB creams are also terrific technique to achieve dewy complexion quickly.

Faux freckles

Yes, you read that correctly. 
Women are now influenced by this current beauty fad and sketching freckles on their faces, after decades of disguising them with high coverage cosmetics. 
Freckles are associated with carefree, young attractiveness, so it’s no surprise that they’re becoming increasingly fashionable among celebs and the girls next door. 
Henna, freckle pens, light-shade eyeliners, and brow pencils are all simple to use.

Tinted Blush

These days, tinted blushes are all the rage. 
These tinted blushes are terrific way to substitute noticeable highlighters that make you look too made up by adding more moisture and glass finish to your face. 
Blushes in bright, punchy pinks and peach colours, on the other hand, offer your summer skin youthful grace.

Colored Eye Liner

This trend has endured the test of time and reappears every summer. 
Whether you want to compliment or contrast your clothing, coloured eyeliner is great way to add pop of colour that is both appealing and appropriate for the summer. 
To make your makeup pop, choose colours like red, green, blue, or teal.

Eyebrows in Gel

You must follow this burning beauty trend if you want to keep your brow game on top. Gel eyebrows are a famous celebrity and runway model hack that lend a gleam to your face. Simply apply petroleum jelly to both of your brows and comb them softly with an eyebrow brush for a collected and shapely look.


This season, lip gloss has officially made a comeback. Summers need to be moisturized, lush glossy lips, and winters want subdued matte lips. Choose from a variety of tinted lip balms or tinted lip glosses for a more sophisticated look.

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