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Dark knuckles – When you start a skincare routine by getting a good new product and start being faithful to using those products on your skin you would be exciting when you start to notice the new

turn of your skin especially when you start glowing but there is one part that may look so good and that is your knuckles.

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You will find it very easy to clear and brighten the skin around your face, and body but

certainly not your knuckles, knuckles are always very difficult to brighten and they tend to

maintain that annoying dark color no matter what you use on them.

Most skin lightening products contains Hydroquinone or Lipohydroxy acid which is gotten

from salicylic acid, this acid helps in breaking down the number of melanocytes which produce melanin which helps in giving the skin it black or brown color.

When products containing these acid is applied on the skin the skin react by changing its

color from a dark shade to a brighter color but these creams finds it hard to penetrate into

part of the skin with high pigmentation just like the knuckles thats why you find your

knuckles maintaining its dark colors that is why it is not advisable to bleach your skin.

Though there are other reason to why you can have a dark knuckle but using bleaching is mostly the reason.

Though now there are good knuckle creams that works and help in brightening the knuckles but there are also natural ways of doing that.

How to brighten your knuckles

  • Exfoliating – When starting a skin care routine exfoliating is always the first thing on the list cause it helps to remove dad skin cell giving the skin space to blossom.
  • Message your skin with Lemon juice every night befor going to bed.
  • Moisturize your knuckles with natural creams and oils like shea butter and coconut oil.
  • You can also mix lemon juice, honey and sugar together to give your knuckles a good scrub.
  • Baking soda has also proved to be very effective. just mix lemon juice with baking soda then rub it on your knucles leave it for few minutes then rinse it off followed by moisturizing with shea butter or coconut oil.

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