How To Care For Your Skin With Black Soap – beauty and fashion

Black soap is a natural soap that is made from the ash of harvested African plants and dried peels which is where it gets it dark color from, this soap can be used by people of all skin type and complexion from dark to white.

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Unlike other beauty soaps that sometimes contain chemicals that may be harmful

especially for people with very sensitive skin, black soap is the best option for them cause

it is natural and will have no side effect or reaction on their skin.

It is also very good for people with oily skin and large pores on their face cause black soap is good in absorbing excess oil and reducing the sizes of pores on the face.

They are a misconception by people that black soap darkens the skin this is totally not true

but if you want your black soap to have some extra functions on your skin all you need to do is add other natural ingredients while making your black soap.

The making of black soap is a very lucrative business in Nigeria as people are looking for ways to maintain their black skin and keep it glowing instead of using soaps that bleaches

and reduce the melanin on their skin. In the quest of looking for natural soap, many people

prefer to purchase black soap so if you are into this business you will be making cool cash.

While making your black soap they are many natural ingredients you can add to make it suit your taste like turmeric and honey. If you also happen to experience any form of

irritation while making use of this soap then you should either stop using it for some or increase moisturizing your skin.

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