Shea Butter For Tender Skin And Removing Stretch Marks

Shea butter has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and it is rich in vitamin A which helps to increase skin elasticity.

Stretch mark affects both males and females of all age groups the lines are formed during

pregnancy and puberty, it also happens when your skin changes due to excess weight loss or weight gain.

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The skin collagen becomes weak when the stretch causing lines beneath the top layer of the skin that brings about the stretch marks.

This stretch mark makes it difficult for people who have them on their skin to wear certain

clothes especially sleeveless tops or gowns and shorts too cause these marks are mostly found around the arms knees and waist.

Shea butter has proven itself for years to be very useful and beneficent to the skin as a

regular application of it repairs damaged skin cells and fight against dry skin giving the skin a very tender feel.

Stretch marks happen to be on the skin problems that can be fixed using shea butter.

How to use shea butter for stretch marks

Since shea butter is natural it can be applied to part of the body. Massage the butter on the

part of your body where you have the stretch mark then leave it on your, repeat the process a few more times daily.

Though the stretch marks may not disappear completely it will fade and be less noticeable but it should be noted that having stretch marks does not mean you have health issues.

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