Fashionable Headband For Ladies

Headband are used for holding the hair from falling on the face and also to help absorb sweat when working out or carrying out physical activities.

It comes in different designs and pattern and it is mostly used by athletes but also used as a fashion accessory which is capable of giving you a younger look.

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The latest head that is actually now is the statement headband as it is used by ladies all over the world to spice up and match with their outfit.

This headband come in different colors and are of different types making them to fit in to any outfit including native wears since some of them are made with Ankara materials.

Types of headband

  • puffy
  • crochected
  • Bandana headband
  • Turban headband
  • Classic bow
  • Velour
  • Scarf headband

Some of these headband are made with elastic to hold tight on your head while some are not so you varieties to choose from purchasing yours and they can be made from any material of your choice.

In situations where you want to rock your headband with a dress you just bought or made you can easily make your headband with the exact material of your dress.

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