Latest Ankara plain and pattern for men


Who said men can’t rock the trending Ankara plain and pattern designs, trending styles are

not meant for ladies alone but guys too.

Ankara is an old African fabric that has been worn for many years, it is also part of the African culture and history.

This fabric comes in different beautiful colors and designs that can fit into any occasion

depending on how you rock them.

Though Ankara is an old fabric it is still appreciated today for its beauty especially now that

it is been merged together with another material that is plain.

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What Are Plain And Pattern

plain and pattern are new designs where fashion designers combined fabric that has

beautiful design and pattern with another fabric that is plain and without any design on it other than one color all through.

In this case, a plain material or fabric is mixed with Ankara which gives a very unique look.

this design can be worn to embrace any occasion like a wedding party, birthday party, to date, to work, and even to work.

For men, the plain material is usually worn on the down part as trousers while the Ankara

at the top as a shirt or whatever they choose while some prefer to mix the plain and pattern at the top and bottom.

Even the manufacturers of these fabrics have come to realize that people are in love with

this new trend hence they produce these material in packs to make it much easier.

This way you don’t need to stress yourself looking for the perfect materials combination  to sew

because producers have made those right choices already for you, all you need to do is to pick any pack of your choice.

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