Beautiful Auto Gele For Women

Auto Gele – If they are something we don’t miss out on when dressing for our cultural occasions in Nigeria it is certainly our gele.

Geles are head wraps worn by women to complement their dresses. The name Gele

originates from the Yoruba language meaning head wrap, other tribes and languages have different names for it but it is popularly known as Gele.

Auto gele are already made beautiful head wraps or head tie use by women mainly for occasions.

This headwrap saves you from the stress of tieing, pining, and picking layers and it comes in different colours that you can pick from to suit your desired outfit.

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Instead of sitting for hours waiting to get your tied auto gele is here for the rescue as all you need to do is put it on your head and tie it behind your head and it done.

That’s why it is a game-changer and a lot of women and ladies prefer and appreciate it.

The best part of auto gele is that you can sew it with the same material of your outfit either for a wedding, church program, or any type of occasion you are attending

Types of Auto gele styles

  • Ankara Gele
  • Aso-oke Gele
  • Avant-Garde Gele
  • Flowery Umbrella Gele
  • Infinity Pleats Gele
  • Perfect Rose Gele
  • Pleats Overload Gele
  • Sego Gele
  • Side Rose Gele
  • Side-Twisted Fan Gele
  • Silk Satin Gele
  • Wide Flower Design Gele

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  1. I need the already tied headtie 5n umbrella styles


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