Coolmax Material, Properties, And What It Is Used For

Coolmax material is a new technology that belongs to the family of polyester fibers, this material is perfect for summer because it is well designed to beat the heat. Its cooling technology makes clothing with permanent moisture-wicking performance.

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The material is breathable but also flammable and it is capable of fusing and melting to the wearer’s skin when exposed to much heat. Though the material is not that stretchy they

are popular for Polo and T-shirts and sometimes used for underwear since they are breathable.

Coolmax helps to keep its wearer cool by absorbing moisture from his body. This the

wearer tends to feel cool, dry, and comfortable while carrying everyday activities. It is perfect for making jerseys and other performance clothing.

In most cases, it is usually combined with jeans to produce moisture-wicking denim, to

care for a Coolmax material is very easy once you know the right thing to do. It should be washed with a washing machine at 30 degrees celsius and then air-dry.

Do not use fabric softener, do not tumble dry or use a spinning cycle system, and if needed iron fabric at low temperature.

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