Lacra Material For Making Beautiful Dresses – fashion

Lacra is a highly elastic synthetic material and they do not come from agricultural sources like cotton which is mostly used to make ladies wear.

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This material seems a little thick when touched and can stretch like 3 to 4 times than its

usual size making it the perfect material for leggings and body-hugging dresses plus it drys quick than cotton materials.

This material is also perfect for persons who do not enjoy ironing cloth as it does not

wrinkle too much, it is also perfect for swimming cause it doesn’t absorb much water and it molds to the body well.

Lacra materials are also very durable, they last for a very long time and can be used to

make different types of outfits but lacra is not very breathable and can trap sweat against

the skin making you feel very hot during summer.

Its stretchy nature makes it perfect for making clothes used for exercising as it gives you

that room and freedom to bend, stretch, and change position comfortably without fear of it tearing when you bend in some ways.

It is also perfect for people who are plus size cause it can stretch and fit into any body size.

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