Wigs as protective hairstyles

Are wigs protective hairstyles?

Many ladies ask this question from time to time but before we jump into that what is a wig.

A wig is a head or hair accessory made from human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fiber.

The word wig is short for a periwig, which makes its earliest known appearance in the

English language in William Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

A wig is something that is loved by many ladies since they rock and change to any

hairstyles at the time to fit their present occasion.

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Most ladies have issues with sitting for hours and bearing pain and headaches just to make

a particular hairstyle. 

They find it exhausting, time-consuming, and in some cases too expensive when they

consider the fact that they can’t reuse  that attachment once they lose the hair. 

Hence the presence of wigs is a huge relief because it is easy to wear and kind be used multiple times.

Wig has protective hairstyles

One of the greatest benefits of any protective style is that they allow for low hair manipulation, which in turn may help with length retention.

 Protective styles like sew-ins, braids, and twists can still put stress on your natural hair,

but with wigs the stress is minimal.

So yes wig is a protective hairstyle because it also helps to protect your hair underneath from excess sunlight and icy cold weather.

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