How To Care And Revive Old Wig

Getting a new wig is something that makes a girl excited. Having new hair is like being a new person. It’s exciting, and you can’t wait to show it off.

What about 3-4 weeks later? Many people start to feel unexcited by having the same wig. Maybe you are guilty of not giving their wig the proper treatment it needs to look marvelous.

We all dread when our hair starts to look like a tangled mess! Many think there is no way to restore it. But there is just follow these few guides.

TIP 1- Buy shampoo and conditioner specifically meant for wigs. Sometimes the chemicals from our regular hair washing products can be too harsh for wigs, so it is imperative to buy the right hair care products.

The great thing is there are specific products for human and synthetic wigs so you can use the proper products.

TIP 2- Do not sleep or shower with your hair! I’m sure many of you know this but, make sure you take your wig off before you shower and rest to keep it in the best condition.

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TIP 3- Keep your wig in the proper place. Do not leave your wig lying on the floor or in some random spot. It is best to put your hair where you would typically hang it so that it does not become tangled.

This makes it is easy for you to grab and install the next day.

TIP 4- Gently brush out your wig when necessary. You do not want excess hair coming out of your wig (more of a problem with synthetic). Gently detangle your hair to keep it nice and thick.

TIP 5- Do not neglect your natural hair to wear a wig. Make sure your natural hair is well taken care of as well! I cannot stress this enough.

It is just as necessary to keep your hair in tip-top shape as well as your wig. Your natural hair should be your number one priority.

There are many more tips for specific hair care based on your particular wig. However, these are general tips to help you care for any wig you are interested in getting.

Synthetic Vs. Human Hair Wigs

Based on the type of hair extensions there are different changes that you can make. Although synthetic hair may be more straightforward to install and more affordable, it is not as versatile as human hair.

You cannot make as many changes to your synthetic wig as you can to a human hair one but don’t worry! There are various ways you can style your synthetic wig. These styles will make all the difference if you feel your hair is dull.

If you are looking for a quick and cheap wig that needs little to no styling right out of the box then synthetic hair is your best bet. Synthetic hair may be what is right for you when it comes to cost too and that is perfectly okay.

There are some benefits to choosing human hair as well. Although human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair, it has higher durability and lasts longer than synthetic hair.

Human hair is also very versatile! If you are getting tired of your wig and feel the need to switch it up, look no further than this article because I’m about to give you several different ways you can slay your wigs and create several different great looks for yourself.

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