What Causes Skin Tags

Do you suddenly become aware of little skin pimples on your arms or neck? In spite of the fact that they are not red, unpleasant, or tender, seeing them makes you nervous. Skin tags are the name for these little growths.

They have the same skin tone as you and are plump and squishy. But they don’t accomplish much more than give your skin a small blemish. In this post, we’ll go over what causes skin tags, how to prevent them, and how to get rid of them if you so choose.

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What Are Skin Tags?

Warts and skin tags have similarities, but they also have key differences. Warts typically have a solid, gritty texture whereas skin tags are smooth. The latter can extend all the way to the dermis while the former stays on the surface. Additionally, warts are infectious because they are viral, however, it is rare that they will spread. Skin tags typically develop as a result of outside lifestyle influences.

What Causes Skin Tags

Friction is the main cause of skin tags, along with chafing, some types of acne, and hyperpigmentation. The NHS states that skin tags typically appear beneath skin creases. The reason you frequently encounter these growths on your neck, underarms, and even crotch is that friction develops when the skin rubs against itself.

Who Is Susceptible to Skin Tags?

People who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop skin tags because they have looser skin and are more prone to chafing. The University of Pennsylvania claims that people with metabolic diseases like diabetes might also anticipate having these supple lumps of skin. In people with poor glucose metabolism, skin tags are common. They may serve as a warning sign for these illnesses.

Skin tags are more common in older persons, especially if their skin is drooping because they have the same effect as loose skin.

Keeping a healthy weight is the best defense against developing skin tags. Additionally, you can use moisturizer or lotion to lessen friction and delay gravity’s impact on your skin, often known as sagging.

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