Filipino Inspired Natural Beauty Secret For All Skin Type

The Filipino household is a veritable goldmine of beauty tips. Our ancestors used guava leaves to bind wounds, calamansi to exfoliate their elbows and knees, and salt to remove stains from their teeth in the days before we had apps to order goods from.

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Filipino Inspired Natural Beauty Secret For All Skin Type

Calamansi to Remove Skin Cells

Our elders would advise this “remedy” as soon as a Pinoy teen’s elbow began to colour, thicken, and dry up from friction. It is said that applying the juice from half a calamansi to the area will exfoliate the skin and brighten it.

On thick, tough areas like the elbows, knees, and ankles, this might be effective. Never apply calamansi straight to your face or rub calamansi on it. Your facial skin, which is thinner and more delicate, could be harmed by this.

Leaf of the Guava on Wounds

There are numerous uses for the powerful guava leaf in Filipino households. You can apply it to your skin to treat various conditions, or you can boil it to make tea to soothe an upset stomach.

Most homes in the Philippines, particularly those in the provinces, have easy access to guava leaves because guava trees are so common there. To aid in the healing process and prevent infection, whole leaves can be applied on top of wounds and lightly crushed. Since the leaves contain antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics that help clear skin, some people even apply them to acne-prone skin.

Aloe Vera for Irritated Skin

One of the simplest plants to grow and maintain at home is aloe vera. For minor skin irritations including cuts, rashes, sunburn, dry skin, and scabs, it’s also one of the most well-known natural skincare techniques. Use the gel that oozes out after cutting a single stem from the plant. If an aloe vera plant is not available near your home, you can still find this strong gel in your skincare items.

Papaya Mask Crushed for Brightening

You’ve undoubtedly used or at least heard of this one if you enjoy natural skin care hacks or DIY skin care. Papaya is a kinder substitute for other skin-brightening methods.

When applied topically, the papain enzyme it contains encourages collagen formation and healing. It is an effective exfoliant that removes dead skin cells to leave the face looking brighter and more evenly toned.

You could follow some traditional home cures for face-brightening. Apply a papaya mask to your skin by crushing part of it. Or you may add a papaya-infused skincare item to your regimen.

Pimple Icing

Using a cold compress on a pimple is a tried-and-true Filipino trick, even though the advantages of putting ice on the face are controversial. However, avoid putting the ice cube directly on your skin since this could harm your skin’s protective layer. Instead, enclose it in a clean washcloth and dab it onto the pimple at intervals of 30 seconds.

Sugar for the Lips

To exfoliate and smooth out chapped lips, use sugar. For a pleasing texture, use it with coconut oil or olive oil. Apply a pea-sized amount to your lips and gently rub it in. Use water to rinse.

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