Types Of Couches You Should Be Aware Of Before Getting a Sofa

It might be intimidating to find the ideal sofa, particularly if you are unsure of your alternatives. Determine your seating’s purpose as a good place to start: Is it mostly for relaxation and coziness? Or are you aiming for a specific aesthetic? You might prioritize other factors, like capacity, or you might want to choose a couch that corresponds with the era in which your house was created. After you’ve established your objective, choose the ideal couch for your house by consulting our guide to the many kinds of couches.

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Couch vs. Sofa

Even while the terms “couch” and “sofa” are frequently used synonymously nowadays, their original connotations were rather different, which may help you focus your search for the ideal sitting. In the past, couches were smaller and intended primarily for sitting, even if the term couch suggests that one may also lie down. Searching for “sofa” could turn up more relevant results if you’re looking for something more formal, vintage, or with two seats.

Types Of Couches You Should Be Aware Of Before Getting a Sofa

Cabriole Couch

The cabriole sofa, named for its curved back that flows into the armrests creating a nook-like sensation, was inspired by carriage seats from the 1700s. These elaborate, two-seat couches go right in French or French country-style houses because they were designed in France. However, convertibles are adaptable and go well with glam, eclectic, and traditional house designs. Keep in mind that finding this type brand-new can be difficult, so you could want to check antique stores and the internet for used items. Searching for “settee” will provide comparable designs.

Camelback Couch

A camelback sofa can be identified by its curved arms and back. This style of couch was created in the 1800s, and there are a lot of antique examples out there. If you like the vintage appearance of a cabriole but require additional seats, opt for a camelback sofa.

Chesterfield Couch

The thick tufting and equal height of the arms and back define the opulent Chesterfield couch style. The usual leather-clad variants were designed in England in the 1700s, and people frequently use them in their homes for study and libraries. However, this couch type is quite adaptable and looks great in rustic, glam, or modern settings, especially with colorful upholstery. Three-person Chesterfield couches are widely available.

English Roll Arm Couch

The English roll arm is distinguished by its sloping back and low, “rolling” arms. Since its creation in the 1800s in England, it has come to represent English interior design. English roll-arm couches look fantastic in classic or pre-midcentury homes, as well as in older residences. With a normal seat capacity of roughly 2.5, this couch is ideal for tiny rooms even though it comes in a variety of sizes. Because of their low arms, English roll-arm sofas are excellent for lying down, even in smaller sizes.

Lawson Couch

One of the most well-liked and comfy couch types may be the Lawson. It was the first couch with detachable back cushions, created in the late 1900s for industrialist Thomas Lawson. Lawsons can be distinguished from other couches of a similar design by their narrow arms; these couches never have wide or overstuffed arms, whether they are rolling or square in profile. The Lawson fits with various décor types and usually seats three people. Its uncomplicated form complements a wide range of upholstery fabrics.

Midcentury Couch

After World War II, Americans were looking for a fresh style to symbolize the new era, which gave rise to the midcentury sofa. Back then, designers were committed to providing high-quality design at a reasonable cost. Because of this, midcentury sofas—which frequently have conical wooden legs, sleek lines, and shallow tufting—pack a beautiful but understated punch. Velvet is becoming more and more popular as midcentury contemporary furniture makes a comeback, but large-weave cotton and wool upholstery were characteristic of the time. This design of couch is quite stylish and available in a variety of sizes; nevertheless, it looks best when paired with other contemporary pieces of furniture.

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