Tips For Air-conditional Seasonal Maintenance

During summer, unbearably hot days become the norm. That indicates that your air conditioner has been running nonstop, which is especially bad if you prefer to stay inside and be cool. Additionally, you must understand how to maintain the cleanliness of your air conditioner if you want chilly air to blast from your portable air conditioner all the time.

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Tips For Air-conditional Seasonal Maintenance

Change the Filters

Check the filter on central air conditioning units every 30 to 60 days to see if it’s dusty or dirty. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to replace the filter every month if you have children or pets, or every two to three months if you don’t have many guests or animals.

Out of all homeowners, just 36% replace their air filters. We frequently advise our clients to take quick preventative actions like this one, which can guarantee your system is operating effectively and ultimately save money.

Condenser unit cleaning

An essential component of maintaining a central air conditioner is cleaning the outside condenser unit. Normally, this only needs to be done once a year, however depending on where your unit is located and whether it is prone to a lot of debris.

Remove Blockages

Verify that nothing is obstructing the device. Make sure that nothing is obstructing the unit vents, such as books, dressers, mattresses, or other furniture, as airflow is vital to cooling systems. Give the outside unit of your central air conditioner at least 12 inches of space around it.

Regularly Check for Common Issues

In all kinds of units, keep an eye out for typical issues like leaks, cold coils, and poor airflow. They can be a sign of a clogged filter or an obstruction in your air conditioner.

Know When to Hire an Expert

Systems for central air can be intricate. “The ideal person to look into the problem is a specialist if your air conditioner or other HVAC system isn’t able to sustain steady temperatures. If your overall usage stays the same but your utility bills rise, one or more system components may be malfunctioning.

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