Things You Should Never Store In Your Over Drawer

There’s almost always a drawer under the oven. While some use it as a broiler or warming drawer, many people use it for storage. The best approach to finding out what the purpose of the drawer in your oven is if you’re not sure is to consult the equipment handbook. But if there’s no “warming drawer” button on your oven and the drawer doesn’t seem to hold any kind of pan, it’s probably designed for kitchen storage.

But first, because of the high temperatures this drawer reaches when the oven is on, it’s vital to think about what’s being stored in it. The incorrect things could be stored, which could lead to damage and even a fire.

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Things You Should Never Store In Your Over Drawer

Cooking Oils

While keeping your cooking oils under your oven to make them accessible when preparing meals may seem sensible, doing so really puts you in danger. All of your favorite cooking oils—vegetable, olive, and canola—are extremely combustible. Store the oil containers far away from your oven because you never know when a spark or intense heat will reach them.

Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards can be kept in the oven drawer together with pots and pans, but you might want to reconsider that organizational method. High heat can cause damage to wooden cutting boards, such as cracking or even burning. Any wooden utensils and boards should be kept in a cool, dry place, and they should be oiled as needed.

Plastic Wrap

Never store anything made of plastic—including plastic wrap—under the oven. When exposed to high temperatures, plastic wrap meant for protecting food or containers is prone to warping, shrinking, or melting. While meals wrapped in plastic wrap can be baked directly in the oven at low temperatures, storing it immediately under the oven, where the temperature could rise to a point where damage could occur, is not worth the risk.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning products are among the most hazardous commodities when misused or improperly stored. Highly flammable items include dish soap, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, aerosol cans, and numerous compounds in cleaning supplies. All of these things should be kept in a dry, cool space with enough ventilation.

Hand Towels

Although it may seem like a fantastic idea to store your hand towels under your oven, you should not do so for safety reasons. When cooking, grease and oil frequently come into touch with kitchen towels. The oil can remain in the table linens even after they have been cleaned and dried, leaving them combustible when heated.

Pantry Items

Do not search your oven drawer for more room if you are short on pantry storage. Flour, sugar, potato chips, popcorn, and many other typical home food items are capable of setting on fire in severe heat circumstances. These pantry essentials should be stored in a dry, cool place.


Because they are highly flammable, liquors—especially those with high alcohol content—should never be kept in the oven drawer. Distilled alcohol should always be stored in a cool environment to preserve its quality and flavor. It will not last as long if it is kept too warm.

Food Storage Containers

Due to the intense heat, plastic food storage containers—of which there are many—should not be kept in an oven drawer. They might melt, deform, or even ignite. Glass food storage containers should also be handled with caution since they may contain plastic parts or lids.

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