Kitchen Styles To Know When Designing Your Cooking Space

In many ways, the kitchen is the centre of the house. Not only are they used for meal preparation, but they also serve as gathering places for loved ones and the creation of priceless memories. It is beneficial to intentionally consider both the functional and aesthetic aspects of kitchen design.

There are many different kitchen design styles available today; some embrace earthy, warm aspects, while others have a more modern or slightly retro vibe. We’ll go over some of the most popular kitchen designs here to help you become inspired as you think about giving your area a makeover.

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Kitchen Styles To Know When Designing Your Cooking Space

Farmhouse Kitchen

As suggested by the name, farmhouse kitchens emphasize rustic warmth with features like vintage fixtures, repurposed wood, and a homey, worn-in vibe. Additionally, they frequently have apron-front sinks, open shelves, and a seamless fusion of modern and antique design features. This aesthetic has a reassuring charm that appeals to a sense of simplicity and nostalgia.

English Cottage Kitchen

The farmhouse aesthetic and the English country cottage kitchen share a similar embrace of a homey, charming atmosphere. Kelly claims that flowery patterns, pastel colours, bright, airy rooms, and vintage embellishments are typical characteristics. Charming features like exposed beams and flower designs are also included in these areas.

Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen is defined by its clean, simple lines, functional design, and emphasis on utility. This kitchen design places a high value on tidy surfaces and cabinets. In addition, it frequently features modern appliances, muted colour schemes, and other straightforward design elements.

Maximalist Kitchen

Maximalist kitchens embrace the complete opposite of modern kitchens, which keep clean lines and employ minimal embellishment. Imagine a mix of textures and patterns, pops of colour, and the addition of conversation-starting decorative accents and carefully chosen artwork.

Boho Kitchen

A bohemian kitchen style emphasizes eclecticism through a fusion of elements, textures, and colours, much like maximalist design. Jewel-toned fabrics, patterned tiling, bright cabinetry, pendant lights or sconces, and a carefully chosen assortment of ornamental items on exhibit are all included.

Mediterranean Kitchen

The simplicity and vitality of sun-drenched coastal locations like Greece, Italy, and Spain are captured in coastal-inspired kitchen designs. The rustic terracotta, hardwood floors, cream or whitewashed walls, and blue colour scheme with bright highlights that meld seamlessly into the room are examples of design elements that are taken straight from the soil.

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