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Should Men Wear Bright Colours

When it comes to hues, tones, and complementing colours, most guys become perplexed — fuchsia, turquoise, or maroon are not adjectives men would use to describe the shirt they are wearing.

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What you should realize is that colour is a potent visual stimulant that can communicate without saying anything. Gone are the days when men dressed simply in dark pants and a white shirt.

Take this article as a starting point for learning about colours in menswear and men’s fashion.

Colours that are analogue

On the colour wheel, the analogue colours are positioned next to each other. When your garments are comparable in colour, this produces a safe, minimal contrast. This plan works best for a fancy-formalwear event when guests are not required to wear black ties.

Colours in a Triad

This offers the most balanced form of contrast visually. When you want to layer your wardrobe, wear a three-piece suit, or add a few accessories while maintaining a pleasing balance, the triad combination is ideal.

Clothes in Complementary Colors

These are the colours on the colour wheel that are directly opposite each other. They are eye-catching and provide a strong contrast. As previously said, having a major clothing piece in one colour and lesser elements or accessories in the other is the ideal method to complement colours.

Colours of the Primary Spectrum (Red, Yello, Blue)

These are the only colours that can’t be created by combining other colours. They are the brightest colours, and without any tinting or shading, they appear harsh. They are eye-catching — and not usually in a good manner – because they are bright and intense.

Colours in the Secondary Spectrum (Green, Orange, Violet)

Each of the three secondary colours is made by mixing two main colours. Secondary hues are complementary colours because they are diametrically opposed to primary hues.

A green pair of shoes can be matched with red shoelaces. Get an orange pocket square if you have a blue blazer, or a violet shirt with yellow buttons if you have a blue blazer. All of these options may appear to be overly daring, but if you keep the rest of your clothing simple, they will work well and ensure that you are noticed in the best way possible.

Colours in the middle

(Red Violet, Red Orange, Yellow Orange, Yellow Green, Yellow Green, Blue Green, Blue Violet)

These aren’t tints or shades of the basic and secondary colours; they’re distinct colours in their own right. These colours aren’t as brilliant as their brighter cousins, but they’re far easier to work into your wardrobe and pull off. Knowing the tertiary colours will also help you avoid yellow-green and red-orange tints.

Workplace Color Schemes

When it comes to dressing for work, men’s outfits don’t have to be boring muted tones. Wear a grey suit with burgundy or blue accessories for a unique look.

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