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How To Get A Perfect Suit As A Woman

Suits have always been a component in women’s fashion, whether you’re thinking of the power suits of the 1980s, classic Chanel’s twin set suits or a stuffy and comfortable trouser suit that’s judged professional rather than stylish.

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Here, we’ll look at how to choose the right suit form and colour for your physique and skin tone, as well as how to design a suit for work to seem trendy and professional.

When it comes to fashion, the trouser suit has taken on a new significance today.

It denotes someone who is business-savvy, fashion-conscious, and immaculately dressed for work or other occasions.

Everything is fine as long as it is done well.

What Color and Suit Style Should I Wear?

A woman in a blue suit. It’s all about the fit when it comes to suits. Everything needs to seem planned and chic, whether it’s beautifully fitted to your specific figure or large in a fashion-forward, deliberate manner.

A ill-fitting suit will not only make you feel inferior to the women in your office who are dressed to kill, lowering your confidence, but it will also detract from your professional acumen and talent.

You can wear a variety of suit styles, and you should consider your figure when deciding which ones are best for you.

Body Types that are Hourglass

This is a traditional silhouette in which the bust and hips are about similar in size and the waist is narrower.

High-waisted pants and blazer jackets with corresponding waist belts look amazing on this shape, as do suits that enhance the physique.

Suits with wrap-style coats are very flattering on this shape.

Body Types with Straight Figures

There is less of a waist in this design, and the bust, waist, and hips are all roughly aligned.

Suits with longer-line blazers worn open look fantastic on this design because it’s ideal not to draw attention to the lack of a waist.

This body type looks great with both high and low-rise trousers, so finding the right jacket is key.

Body Types of Apples

Apple shapes have a larger shoulder and bust, a smaller waist, and a less visible waist.

Choose longer-line duster coats or blazer jackets that cut at the hips to finish at your most appealing place.

Avoid wearing double-breasted jackets, which make you appear bustier. Statement lapels move the eye away from the shoulders and into a V shape in the front, which is very flattering on an apple shape.

Body Types of Pears

Pear forms include small shoulders and busts, as well as a smaller waist, but larger hips and derrieres.

A cropped jacket looks great on this body. Pair high-waisted, wide-leg suit trousers with suits with boxy, shorter blazer jackets.

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