Reasons Your Nails Might Not Be Growing

Your nail might stop growing for some reason and when this starts to happen you would begin to freak out. Especially if you are someone who loves to grow and keep your nails long this will bother you a lot.

Not everyone loves to fix artificial nails instead they prefer to grow and paint their natural nails if the nails stop growing not only would you notice but you would also be unhappy. For this reason, you would want to know what could be the reason that your nails have stopped growing.

In this article we have listed out several reasons that could stop your nails from growing, if you happen to fall in any category then you should try to fix that.

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Reasons Your Nails Might Not Be Growing

Your nail growth is impacted by your nutrition

The secret to accelerating the growth of your nails is a healthy diet. Consuming the appropriate foods will strengthen your nails and stop them from breaking in addition to promoting faster nail growth.


If your nail polish remover contains too much acetone or is loaded with chemicals, you should change brands. Your cuticles and nails may get drier after using nail polish remover with a higher acetone content, making them more fragile.

Let your nails breathe

You should think about giving your nails a break, just like you would with your hair. No matter how much we all adore polish on our nails, using too much can cause your nails to chip and even change colour. At least one or two days a week, enjoy having natural-looking nails.

Give up biting them

You should immediately stop biting your nails because it’s one of the main causes of damaged nails and you want them to grow out more quickly.

Avoid purchasing poor-quality nail polish

Consider your options carefully before purchasing any nail polish, since poor-quality polish can significantly slow the growth of your nails. You’re unaware that this tiny bottle of nail paint has some dangerous secret ingredients. Thus, be sure to get a nail lacquer that contains vitamins.

Moisturizers are essential

Did you know that one of the reasons why your nails don’t grow properly is that you don’t moisturize your cuticles and nails? To maintain your cuticles healthily and moisturized, make sure to consistently apply natural oils to them before bedtime.

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