How To Prevent Bubbles In Nail Polish

Have you ever used your nail polish to create the ideal at-home manicure only to have air bubbles spoil it?

When your nail polish is drying and the air gets trapped between coats of lacquer, these annoying bubbles start to develop.

Why Does Nail Polish Bubble?

There are quite a few reasons for the bubbles in your nail paint, and some might surprise you.

When nail paint is too old, too thick, or of poor quality, bubbles might occur. Another typical blunder is to apply polish in layers that are far too thick and not wait long enough between coats.

The usual offenders are oil and dampness. When moisture is present in the air, in nail polish, or on your hands, complications might occur. Your hands’ exposure to food, lotion, and cuticle oil may be to blame.

Air bubbles can be introduced into the nail polish by shaking the bottle before use. Shaking, waving, blowing on your hands, or holding them in front of a fan to dry faster are also bad ideas.

When you don’t give your manicure a clear base coat and topcoat, bubbles may also develop.

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How To Prevent Bubbles In Nail Polish

Your Nail Care

Eliminating moisture and grease from your hands and nails will protect your manicure. Wash your hands with warm, soapy water, being sure to get in between each nail.

Examine the Polish

It’s really easy to determine whether nail polish is poor. Apply a brief swipe of nail paint across one of your nails to test its quality.

You won’t get the smooth and flawless-looking manicure you deserve with old, gloopy nail polish. If you want to prevent bubbles in the first place, avoid using thick, creamy nail paint at all costs.

Put Base Coat on

Before painting your nails, seal their natural oils by using a clear base coat. This keeps your manicure from being ruined by these oils. Base coats offer a uniform and supple finish.

Paint Thin Layers

Air bubbles are much more prone to appear with thick coats of nail paint and they take forever to dry.

Let the polish fully dry

Before adding another layer of nail polish, the first layer must totally dry. The best approach to get a good deal on a new car is to get a good deal on a used one.

Add the Top Coat

For a lustrous finish and to keep it from peeling, apply a top coat. When used properly, a topcoat can convert regular nail polish into long-wearing polish.

Avoid heat and moisture

When applying nail polish, shut your windows and turn off your fans to keep out moisture and heat. It’s not a good idea to paint your nails in the sun or to take a shower just after getting your nails done.

Never shake the bottle

While applying nail polish, we all enjoy shaking the bottles, especially if there are metal beads within. You have to resist the urge to shake the bottle, which is unfortunate. The bottle should be rolled.

TightenThe Cap

Remove all nail polish leftovers from the bottle neck before screwing the top back on. To keep the polish from drying out, make sure to screw the cap on firmly.

Store Polish Correctly

If you intend on making nail polish last longer you should store it upright in a dark and cool place where the temperature is consistent.

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