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Reasons You Might Be Experiencing Loss Of Eyelashes

It might be rare but it happens and it should be taken into consideration. Loss of eyelashes is not really an alarming thing as every human can lose a little amount of t every day. But when it becomes too much then there is a cause for alarm.

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Typical Causes of Eyelash Hair Loss

It’s very normal to lose one to five eyelashes per day since, like the hair on your head, eyelashes naturally fall out and grow back in a cycle every six to ten weeks.

If your eyelashes seem to be getting shorter or less thick than they used to be, don’t worry; this is a common sign of aging.

Most of the time, partial thinning and shedding are entirely normal and pose no threat.

Dermatologists claim these are the most typical causes if there is a greater amount of hair loss.

1. Excessive friction and rubbing

Although it’s crucial to maintain your eye area free of dirt (especially when it comes to removing your makeup before night), experts warn that such a delicate area should only be cleaned with extreme attention.

Avoid pushing, pulling, or applying excessive force to the lashes in any way, especially at the edge of the eyelid.

Your sleep mask is a typical cause of eyelash friction. Eyelash extensions can lean and lose their shape from being rubbed against your eyes all night if you use a sleep mask.

Look for sleep masks that are adjustable or made for those who wear lash extensions to make sure the mask isn’t too tight on your face.

2. Infection with bacteria (from expired makeup)

Your hair loss may be caused by not paying attention to the expiration dates on your makeup.

The expiration dates on your eye products are especially important to pay attention to since they frequently result in bacterial illness.

Mascara should be thrown away every three months since it might grow staph. Inflammation brought on by a bacterial infection from outdated items might lead to the loss of eyelashes.

3. Allergic Reactions

Do yourself a favor and read the ingredient list on the label while you’re at it. Eyelid dermatitis is frequently brought on by allergies to skincare products, eye makeup, makeup remover, cosmetics, and even nail polish. Severe cases of these allergies can result in eyelash loss.

Stop using eye products and obtain an allergy test to determine what you are allergic to if you think your eyelash loss is due to an allergic reaction to makeup or eye cream.

4. Fake lashes

Then there are false lashes, which collectively represent a number of offenders. Many people who use extensions experience an allergic reaction to the adhesive, which can lead to irritation and eyelash shedding.

When it comes to artificial lashes, the adhesive can adhere to natural lashes and, if removed incorrectly, can rip them out. Instead, for more delicate cleaning, try an oil cleaner or a specialist adhesive remover.

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