How To Make My Eye Look Bigger With Makeup

Using cosmetics to draw attention to particular features on the face is entertaining. Chiselled cheekbones can be achieved with a contouring stroke. Lips can quickly become perfectly full by slightly overlining them. Additionally, there are makeup techniques you can apply if you want to make your eyes look wider and more open. Although it may seem impossible, there are quick and simple ways to instantly make your eyes appear wider that can be incorporated into your daily makeup routine.

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How To Make My Eye Look Bigger With Makeup

Beginning with skincare

The appropriate skincare products can help you achieve brighter eyes even before you start your makeup regimen. Find an eye cream or under-eye patches that reduce puffiness, moisturize, and lighten dark circles.

Apply fake eyelashes only to the corners of your eyes

This technique will make the eyes appear more open. Just be careful to just add them to the outer corners (you may even put them to the top and bottom of the lashes if you like!).

Put some highlighter on your brow bone

The brow bones and eyebrows can be used to help you get the desired look. One method to do the task is by using a highlighter on the brow bone.

Under-eye concealer can be used to hide dark circles

Your eye region may appear smaller overall if you have dark circles that resemble a shadow. Use a brightening concealer under the eyes to balance out the skin tone and help the entire eye area look lighter and more lighted.

To create a “triangle of light” beneath the eyes, try putting concealer in the shape of an inverted triangle there. Read our tutorial on applying concealer for a detailed explanation of how to use that technique.

Blend the eyeshadow all the way to the brow

The most popular method for enlarging eyes is to apply eyeshadow very close to the brow. Particularly if you have hooded eyes, this provides the appearance that your lid space is larger and opens your eyes more.

Use illuminating eyeshadow colours

Speaking of eyeshadow, the colours you choose can significantly affect how open and bright your eyes appear. Utilizing eyeshadows with light to medium tones will make your eyes appear more open.

• Subtle hues

• Pale shimmery tones

• Shades of light brown

Look for an eyeshadow palette that includes variants of the aforementioned hues for a variety of eye-opening eyeshadow alternatives.

Make Your Waterline Shiny

Dark brown or black eyeliner tightlining the eyes is fantastic for adding drama, but it may also make your eyes look smaller. Try replacing dark eyeliner with white or nude eyeliner for an eye-opening effect.

Make Strategic Smoky Eye Looks

Smoky eyes can make your eyes appear smaller depending on how the makeup is applied. It’s not that having small eyes prevents you from sporting a smokey look, but I would advise keeping the eyeshadow’s most pigmented area lower on your lid and blending it very nicely from the centre up so it resembles a gradient rather than a giant saturated patch of colour.

Streamlight the Eyes’ Inner Corners

To bring brightness back into the eyes, add a trace of shimmer or a light matte colour to the brow bone and inner corners. Whether you’re wearing neutral eye makeup or a smokey eye, it’s important to add a tiny bit of an illuminating colour to make the eyes stand out.

To apply makeup to the inside corners of your eyes quickly and easily, try using an eyeshadow stick with a brightening shimmer. A small amount of highlighter can also be used to get the same result.

Shape and Curl Your Eyelashes

This incredibly easy step can actually make a huge difference. Lashes that are straight can obscure the eyes. The eye area will be immediately made more open by curling the eyelashes.

Avoid using thick eyeliner

Create ultra-thin eyeliner lines with either a fine-tipped liquid liner or a sharpened pencil eye pencil to highlight those light, illuminating eyeshadow hues.

For producing really fine lines or an eye-catching cat eye, a precision liner is ideal.

Form Your Eyebrows

A small amount of brow shaping can have a significant impact. By forming an arch, you are effectively raising the eye area’s ceiling, making it appear larger and more open. Try laminating brows or use a brow gel to keep your brow hairs raised throughout the day to further open up the area via the brows.

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