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Reason Your Skin Product Stopped Working

There’s no doubting that a good skincare routine (including sunscreen!) helps keep your skin appearing youthful and healthy over time, especially since prevention is crucial.

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Even the most stringent 10-step regimens can have flaws, since there may be some unknown elements at play that can reduce the effectiveness of your product.

Reason Your Skin Product Stopped Working

Your Skin Product Has Expired

There’s a good chance your skin product will expire, and once it does, it’ll be difficult to keep it working on your skin.

This makes it critical to check product labels for an expiration date before shopping, so you don’t waste your money on a product that doesn’t last as long as it should, she noted.

Your products are being stored incorrectly

Although it’s easy to overlook storage directions on any product label, Rose says it’s critical not to do so, especially because intense sunlight (or hot and humid settings) can cause the active chemicals in your items to break down.

Vitamin C serums frequently expire, losing their potent antioxidant properties. The easiest approach to get the most out of these pricey serums is to keep them out of direct sunlight and even refrigerate them for a chilly, soothing application.

Hormonal Changes Are Happening To You

Even if you aren’t on your period, hormonal fluctuations might affect your skin. Other hormonal changes (such as those linked with pregnancy, menopause, or any hormonal imbalances) might also affect your skincare routine, according to Pierre.

With this in mind, he suggests rotating up your skincare products on a regular basis to help treat acne, dryness, and irritation.

It’s possible that your medication is causing skin issues

Medications, whether used internally or topically, can be another source of skin problems. Certain medications can irritate your skin, so it’s crucial to speak with your doctor (or dermatologist) if you’re concerned.

“Some drugs might cause rashes and red, dry, irritated skin, while others can encourage oil production and acne. This may necessitate a modification in those prescriptions, as well as a change in the goods you use.

You Haven’t Stuck To Your Routine

Along with changing up your product usage based on the weather, expiration dates, or hormonal fluctuations, it’s critical to stick to a daily routine and give your skin time to adjust.

“The number one reason goods stop working overtime, just like diets, is that we stop following them consistently.” When someone goes off the consistency bandwagon, they start to wonder why their therapies aren’t working as well as they once did.

Your product is insufficiently strong

This is especially true for antiperspirants and retinol; if these products are used at a low strength on a regular basis, they may not be as effective.

Exfoliants, retinoids, and antiperspirants are among the skin care chemicals that many choose to start with at a lesser strength to ensure that they can handle them. However, if someone isn’t getting any results, it’s usually a good idea to up the strength.

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