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Reasons You May Waste Money On Different Skin Care Products

If you’re going to spend money on one skin-care item, experts agree that it should be your serum. These products have the highest concentrations of active ingredients and are designed to be used as a treatment step in your routine, meaning you’ll get more bang for your money than you would with a cleanser or moisturizer.

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Reasons You May Waste Money On Different Skin Care Products

Exfoliation is something that many people overlook

Exfoliation is necessary for removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. However, not only does the procedure aid to brighten your complexion, but it also makes it simpler for serums to enter. “Exfoliating the skin first allows for better product penetration. Remember, you don’t have to exfoliate every day incorporate this step into your routine two to three times a week and you’ll be fine.

Putting things in the wrong order

To get the most out of your serum, make sure it’s at the right place in your routine. Start with your cleanser, then exfoliate if necessary, tone, and then apply your serum. This procedure will guarantee that your skin is primed and ready for whatever actives you use, allowing them to penetrate deep into your pores. Wait five to ten minutes after applying your therapy to allow it to absorb into your skin, then seal it with a moisturizer.

Instead of patting, rubbing

It can be tempting to slap some serum into your hands and rub it all over your face, but you risk wasting product because a lot of it ends up on your hands rather than your face. Instead, dispense a small amount of product onto your hands and gently rub it into your skin. Always apply the serum in an upward direction and avoid rubbing or tugging the skin when doing so. She goes on to say that this pressing motion will aid product penetration, allowing you to achieve better outcomes with less product.

Putting the components together

More isn’t always better when it comes to skincare. When you use different serums, you risk mixing chemicals like retinol and vitamin C, which can cancel the other out or create irritation. ” Avoid stacking too many different products; instead, pick one and let it do its thing. Look for a formula that has already done the mixing for you if you want a serum that provides various benefits.” Many serums on the market include the ideal combination of active ingredients, eliminating the need for guesswork.

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