Reason You Should Not Sleep With Your Makeup On

It occurs a lot more frequently than it ought to. After a particularly demanding day, you sink into your comfortable bed only to discover that you still need to wash your face. But sleep is already beginning to take hold, the bed is calling, and the last thing you feel like doing is washing your face. Sounds recognizable?

It doesn’t take a dermatology degree to figure out that it’s not a good idea to wear makeup to bed. Given the foundation stains and glitter particles all over your pillow, you’ve probably already realized that it’s bad for your linens, but how much of a skincare sin is it really?

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Reason You Should Not Sleep With Your Makeup On

Your pores can’t breathe with all much makeup on your face; they will inevitably become clogged. You’ve most likely had breakouts after falling asleep, and that’s not a coincidence. In order to keep oil from leaving the face and prevent outbreaks, makeup physically covers the pores.

Additionally, cosmetics retain pollutants inside the skin, and environmental stress can lead to an increase in free radicals, which irritate, swell, and irritate the skin. Chronic inflammation can hasten the ageing process by increasing collagen degradation and pigment synthesis.

If you frequently go to bed with a lot of products on or if you have sensitive skin, the issue is considerably worse. The majority of cosmetics contain synthetic colours and scents, and when they are left on overnight, they can irritate the skin or trigger an allergic reaction.

Maintain a nighttime skincare regimen

What can you do, then, to ensure that you go to the sink every evening? The easiest way to become a faithful face-washer is to really commit to a nighttime skincare routine.

This doesn’t imply that you should spend more than 30 minutes per night using a multi-product system, but washing your face and using a good moisturizer can help to encourage the faster rates of cellular regeneration that take place while you sleep. Do not wait until bedtime to remove your makeup if you know you will arrive late. Try doing it immediately following dinner to avoid becoming too tired.

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