Natural virgin hair- how to care for natural hair

Virgin hair is a type of hair that is very difficult to maintain.

 As it can be very hard to comb and detangle most times this it needs proper care for you to enjoy your hair better.

Though natural is very beautiful especially for its rich black colour and curls which is something every girl loves.

However, finding them difficult to maintain is a total turn off.

Guides to care for natural virgin hair

Eat healthily and Exercise:

Eating healthy and exercising is good for our overall health. It also helps to make our hair grow well

Always section your hair

Ensure to always section your hair when applying conditioner or hair treatment. It helps to get to your scalp easily.

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Stay away from sulphate products 

Try as much as you can to stay away from sulphate products.

Apply conditioner on tip of your hair

Always apply conditioner to the tip of your hair since they are the oldest part of your hair.

Condition your hair in twist

 Twisting your hair natural virgin hair makes the work easy and more access to the scalp.

Keep your nails smooth and well filed

 Broken nails are capable of causing hair breakage that’s the reason you need to keep your hair smooth.

Avoid scratching your hair

No matter how itchy your scalp may feel always try to not scratch your hair.

Keep your hair tools clean

Ensure to take proper care of your hair tools. Broken hair tools can cause injury to your scalp and pull your causing hair breakage.

Use t-shirts as a towel

Replace your towels with t-shirts that are not abrasive.

Rinse conditioner with warm water

After applying conditioner on your hair and scalp rinse properly with warm water.

Wear protective styles

Always wear protective styles to keep your hair tangle-free.

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