Nail Polish Colour That Makes Your Hand Look Younger

Women who wear nail paint are seen as being younger than they actually are, according to studies. However, take note of the following before grabbing the first bottle of polish you see: Some colours might highlight the age of your hands, while others can have the opposite effect and instantly make your hands look younger.

You might think that delicate colours like nudes or sheer pinks would work, but in reality, because natural tones are so similar to the colour of your skin, they only draw attention to the problem areas of your hands (like veins, wrinkles, and uneven tone) and completely ignore your nails.

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Nail Polish Colour That Makes Your Hand Look Younger

Orange or peach-based colours work best for hands that appear younger; colours with orange overtones, including reds or corals, distract from any ageing symptoms.

Age spots, veins, and wrinkles on the hands can be concealed by wearing orange, a vibrant, youthful, and cheerful colour. The natural glow of your skin will also be highlighted with orange undertones.

Other Ways To Keep Your Hands Looking Young

SPF Solution

It’s usually a good idea to use sunscreen on the tops of your hands to keep them looking young even without any polish. Since our hands are frequently in the sun and are one of the first locations where sun-induced damage manifests, you should apply sunscreen to them on a daily basis for sun protection and wrinkle reduction. Her first recommendation? choosing a hand cream with added SPF protection.

Change  shape

Many of us don’t think twice about the shape of our nails, but we should start. A nail with an oval form makes fingers appear longer and, as a result, hands appear younger. Another expert grooming advice: pay close attention to your cuticles! Maintaining well-groomed fingertips is important since hands that have polished or unpolished nails look younger.

Protect and Serve

Grab a pair of gloves for hands that appear younger. When washing dishes, cleaning, etc., always use gloves to prevent your hands from being dry and injured, which will eventually lead them to age prematurely. The expert advises washing your hands the same way you would your face. Hands should be exfoliated at least twice a week to remove dead skin.

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