Everything You Need To Know About Shellac Nails

You’ve probably heard of shellac nails if you enjoy a clean, polished manicure. The durable nail polish is renowned for its durability and delectably glossy appearance. Shellac has long been recommended by manicurists and is popular among people who prefer a life-proof, chip-resistant manicure.

The most typical misunderstanding about shellac, though, is that it’s just another type of gel nail. In reality, shellac is a little more specialized. Here’s all you need to know about the manicure and our thoughts on whether or not the hype is actually justified.

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What is shellac?

Gel polish is a type of shellac, but it is exclusive to the nail brand CND; therefore, if the nail colour you’ve chosen is from another brand, it isn’t shellac. It delivers a high gloss finish, simple and rapid removal, and a selection of more than 160 unique colours.

Shellac is softer than other gels and has an acrylic foundation that is activated (and hardened) by a UV lamp. It’s more of a blend between traditional nail polish and gel polish.

What advantages do shellac nails offer?

With their long-wearing composition and gorgeous glossy finish, Shellac nails are ideal if you want your manicure to last for a while. They perform well for remaining put during vacations, significant work weeks, and life events (like weddings), especially when you need additional assurance that they won’t move.

What distinguishes gel nails from shellac nails?

The distinction between shellac and other gels is not particularly apparent from the perspective of the consumer experience. Shellac has a tendency to feel slightly softer. Although there are many options available in shellac, the colours vary as well. The disappearance of the “butterfly” is the primary distinction. CND shellac shouldn’t require buffing and can be removed in as little as 5 minutes, depending on which topcoat was used, unlike the majority of gel polish lines, which sometimes require filing and 20 minutes of soaking.

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