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Ankara Plain And Pattern For Ladies

Ankara plain and pattern designs for ladies is trending wear that is loved by many ladies for its unique look.

It can actually be worn to any event including birthdays, wedding parties and dates.

You can also wear this kinds of cloth to church and even to work or your business place.

What is Ankara plain and pattern?

Ankara plain and pattern is a combination of plain fabric that has one color, no pattern, design, or writing on it with Ankara fabric that has a design on it.

The plain fabric can either be silk, cotton, cashmere, chiffon,

or organza while the pattern fabric can either be kente, Adire, Ankara, Kampala, or any other English fabric.

Plain and pattern materials can be used to achieve various styles such as Long gowns,

Short gowns, trousers, skirts and blouses, jackets, and jumpsuits.

As you scroll down we take you to a gallery of beautiful Ankara plain and pattern dresses.


ankara plain and pattern


This style gives you a mature and beautiful look and can be rocked to any occasion.

No wonder gorgeous ladies don’t joke with this style.

Match up your style with the right accessories and enjoy the look.

We would be focusing more on this type of styles.

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ankara plain and pattern


ankara plain and pettern

If you are a lover of either short or long gown styles, you can never go wrong with these styles.

Don’t be left out, calm down and make your choice,

and don’t also forget to give it to a designer that will give you exactly what you want.

plain and pattern


The amazing feature of these trending style is that you sew it into whatever you want like trousers,

skirt and blouse, gowns, shirt, and even suit.

Just make sure you give your cloth to a good fashion designer so you can get your desired style perfectly.



ankara plain and pattern






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