How To Use Serums For A Perfect Glow

Serums are oil-like liquids usually contained in a small light bottle that is produced with

concentrated active ingredients capable of moisturizing and brightening the skin, they are also less thick than lotions.

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This serum is not recommended for kids at all but for people of the late 20s and early

30s when aging signs are now surfacing till the age of 50. It is recommended to use your serums twice daily to fight blemishes, dark spots, and fight aging.

You should apply your serum in the morning after cleansing your face before applying

your makeup and also at night before going to bed, ensure you wash off your makeup first or cleanse your face properly first before applying the serum at night.

Serums hardly have side effects but in the case where you notice them like a burning or

any form of irritation, it is advisable to wash off the serum from your face immediately and discontinue for some time.

Note that serums are mainly for the face and neck only so make sure you don’t apply them all over your body.

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