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How To Straighten Virgin Hair – fashion

It can feel like completing a challenging arithmetic equation to get your hair to look sleek, straight, and healthy. Straightening your hair with heated styling equipment dehydrates it and causes breakage. Blow dryers, ceramic straighteners, and hot curling irons can all cause damage over time, making even the best-styled hair look dry and coarse.

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How To Straighten Virgin Hair

Using cold air, blow dry your hair.

If you’ve already mastered straight and sleek hair with a traditional “blowout,” try mixing it up a little by using cool air blasts instead. Divide your hair into pieces as usual after allowing it to air dry for around three-quarters of an hour. Make sure your blow-dryer is on the “cool” setting and that it is moving constantly from root to tip. While drying your hair, keep the blow dryer about six inches away from it.

This procedure shouldn’t take much longer, but you might need to keep a straightening serum or spray-on leave-in-conditioner on hand to keep fly-away strands under control. While it has been proven that using a hot blow dryer damages the hair shaft, employing cool air has been proven trusted Source to cause less damage than air drying alone.

Plastic rollers are used to roll

You may get somewhat wavy hair with gobs of volume and a glossy finish without using heat if you use plastic rollers in a “giant” (1 3/4 diameter or larger) size. Simply partition your moist hair into medium parts and roll the items into your hair before going to bed, or around four hours before you plan to remove them. Although using these rollers takes some getting used to, some people with medium-to-longer hair swear by them. Some YouTube tutorials can assist you in grasping the concept.

Use hair straightening products

Shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hairsprays, and just about everything else you can think of are all designed to help you relax and calm your hair. Experimenting with products designed for straight hair or to make styling your hair simpler could be a good place to start.

Smoothing serums and spray-on conditioners with keratin can cover your strands, weighing them down and relaxing your curls.

You should sleep with your hair wet

Start small and basic if sleeping with a hair wrap or large rollers on your head is tough for you: If your hair is moist, try sleeping with it wet. Tie a loose ponytail at the top of your head with a hairband, then wrap your hair around that ponytail and secure it with another hair tie to form a bun.

If you sleep with wet hair, a satin pillowcase can be a good investment. This will reduce friction against your hair as you sleep, giving your hair a more straight appearance when you let it go in the morning.

Make use of a hair mask.

To give your hair a shinier and straighter appearance, deep-condition it using a DIY hair mask. Hair treatments that claim to restore protein to frizzy hair may make it look more relaxed. For a deep-conditioning impact, try a hair mask made with raw egg, manuka honey, or avocado. Warm coconut or almond oil can also be used as a hot-oil therapy to infuse and strengthen frizzy hair.

Essential oils should be used

Some essential oils, according to anecdotal evidence, make the hair appear tamer. Some essential oils enter your hair faster than chemical preparations. Coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, and macadamia oil are all able to penetrate your hair follicles and seal and restore the cells within.

Apply your essential oil of choice after you’ve styled your hair with rollers, wraps, a cold blow-dry, or another technique. Warming the oil between your palms may make it easier to evenly distribute it into your hair. Concentrate on the ends of your hair and use no more than a dime-sized amount. This will not only give your hair a lovely aroma and shine, but it will also protect it.

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