How To Store Mushrooms

Mushrooms, ranging from button to beech, porcini to portobello, have a meaty texture and earthy, umami taste that complements a variety of cuisines. However, due to their high water content (80% to 90%), these sensitive mushrooms can degrade very quickly. To extend the shelf life of your mushrooms, there are a few fundamental storage requirements that you should adhere to.

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How to Keep Mushrooms Stored

The best location to keep mushrooms is in your refrigerator because the lower temperature inhibits the natural growth of bacteria and fungi. While the crisper drawer in your refrigerator is a great spot to store mushrooms, avoid it at all costs.

The worst enemy of mushrooms is moisture. You should keep your mushrooms in the refrigerator’s main section, even though you can change the humidity in a crisper drawer.

Fresh mushrooms should be kept well in the refrigerator for five to seven days if stored properly. If you want to keep your mushrooms for a little while longer, you can cook them first and then store them in the freezer for up to a month.

Which Kind of Jar Should I Use to Store My Mushrooms?

Don’t keep your mushrooms in the original container unless you want to use them immediately. Mushrooms shouldn’t be kept in plastic bags either. The best bag is a paper one.

Foodies have discovered that putting mushrooms in a paper bag with a paper towel lining it and storing it in the refrigerator works best for extending the shelf life of mushrooms.

The paper towel and the paper bag both let the mushrooms “breathe” while assisting in absorbing any extra moisture or humidity that may otherwise cause the mushrooms to deteriorate.

Your mushrooms should last for at least seven days under these circumstances before becoming bad.

Not a single paper bag? Not an issue. All you have to do is line a bowl with paper towels, add the mushrooms, and then cover the mushrooms again with paper towels. According to Brekke, using this strategy will provide optimal storage for approximately five days before any signs of spoiling show up.

Should I Wash Mushrooms Before Storing Them?

Cleaning mushrooms is recommended before adding them to your favorite recipe, as they typically still contain some dirt after being purchased from the farmers’ market or grocery shop. However, make sure to wait until just before you’re prepared to use them before doing so.

Since 90% of a mushroom’s composition is water, washing them before storing them increases the likelihood that they may absorb too much moisture and rot faster.

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