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How To Stick Stones To Clothes

Many women nowadays like clothing that are embellished with beads, gleaming stones, and gems. This not only changes the style of the garment but also makes the dress appear more expensive and chic and highlights the patterns.

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With the appropriate complementing stones, you may transform any of your Ankara garments into a more elegant and contemporary ensemble. Even if you’re a novice, here are a few tips for putting stones on your Ankara dress.

Iron glueing is one of the most common and simple ways to adhere stones to Ankara fabrics. Many rhinestone makers build these stones with an adhesive layer that requires a particular amount of heat to cling to the fabric’s surface.

This makes their job of inserting stones in fabrics easier. Because Ankara is made of cotton, fake diamonds can attach to it with a high degree of reliability. It is critical to secure the gemstones to the cloth because if they are not, they may slide off while washing.

How to stick stone on clothes

Preparation of fabric

Both the garments and the stones must be prepared before the stones can be fixed to the fabric. Detergents can remove all bodily oils, soaking fibres in your clothing and preparing the surface for the adhesive, so wash the fabric carefully if it is not new and has already been worn. You can also use adhesive tape to remove any dust particles and hairs from the fabric’s surface. Simply press the adhesive side of the fabric to the cloth’s surface gently.

Making a pattern

If you want to use the rhinestones to make a pattern like a crown or a heart, trace the outline on the fabric first. This can be accomplished with special tailoring chalk.

If you want to draw attention to already-existing details on the fabric, though, you won’t need to draw any outlines. Simply set the stones in the desired location.

Adding padding to your fabric

Because of the thin nature of Ankara fabric, the adhesive ingredient in rhinestones can readily soak into the fabric and ruin it when heated. To avoid this unsightly condition, simply place a piece of paper under the fabric to prevent the layers from sticking together. Before you begin to fix the rhinestones, always remember to position the paper directly under the Ankara fabric.

Stones are glued together

After you’ve placed the paper under your fabric, gently cover it with another piece of paper and iron it. To avoid burning your cotton fabric, stay within the temperature range recommended for cotton textiles.

Slowly push the iron onto the areas where the rhinestones were inserted. Continue pressing the stones over them, but be cautious not to shatter the rhinestones. Hold the iron in one spot for 20-30 seconds as a general guideline. This is ample time for the glue to melt and adhere firmly to the fabric’s surface.

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