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How To Fix Bead On Hair

Bead – You can add beads to your box braids, Senegalese twists, Bantu knots, or dreadlocks to make them more interesting.

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Hair beads come in a variety of colours, styles, patterns, and materials, making them a terrific way to personalize your look. Although beads are most usually associated with tiny girls, they can also be worn by adults.

This post will show you how to use a variety of methods to place beads in your hair. We’ll also add some useful hints and suggestions. You’ll want to include beads in all of your styles because these techniques are so straightforward and enjoyable.

How To Fix Beads On Hair

Assemble your materials (or Hair Bead Styling Kit)

Choose your own beads or hair jewellery. Check to see if they’re too big or too little for your hair. Hair-specific beads are available for purchase, although some ladies also utilize craft beads.
You can use any tool you like (or your hands) to complete this task:
Tool for beading
Hook for latching
Pin with a bobby pin
Headband made of rubber or thin elastic
Floss Floss Floss Floss Flos
To secure the beads, use little rubber bands or a similar tool/accessory.

There are a few things to think about when selecting beads or hair jewellery.
To begin, choose the appropriate size. Beads can have holes ranging from 4 mm to 10 mm. If you’ve previously braided or twisted your hair, make sure the beads you chose aren’t too big or too little for your braid.

Alternatively, if you wish to utilize a specific bead or piece of hair jewellery, braid your hair appropriately so that the accessory fits your hair effectively.

Hair ornaments, loc beads, and other decorations are frequently designed to be inserted into the hair without the use of a string or tool.

To Fix The Bead Follow Do This

  • To your beading tool, add a few beads. Once they’re in your hair, the first bead you add to your tool will be the bottom bead. Push them all the way down to the aperture of the beader.
  • Thread your braid through the beading tool’s opening.
  • When pulling your hair through the tool, fold the end. This will make the process much faster and easier.
  • Pull the beader downwards while pushing the beads upwards past the aperture. Your braid should now have the beads on it.
  • Fold the very end of the braid upwards around the side of the bead as you slide the bottom bead down to the end of the strand. Wrap a rubber band multiple times around your hair and the folded-up end, just above that bottom bead, to secure the end. Continue winding until the bead is securely fastened.
  • The rest of the beads should be slid into position.

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