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How To Sit When Wearing A Tight Dress

Just got your favourite dress and you can’t wait to wear them but then you are thinking of something else. This thought just came to you after you put your beautiful gown on and realize that it is tight.

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You are comfortable with it being tight but don’t like the fact that you don’t know how to sit, bend or walk properly when putting it on and you need help.

Well that’s why we are here to help you with little things like this

Tips on how to sit, bend and walk on a tight dress


When sitting in a dress or skirt, you have two options: cross your knees or sit with your legs together and slightly to the side for a more ladylike look. Always start by smoothing your dress down with your hands, regardless of the option you choose.

Then return your attention to the chair. Cross your legs when standing if you want your legs to be crossed. As you lower yourself onto the chair, keep your back straight. To keep your dress from creeping up, sit up straight and keep your hands in your lap.

As an alternative, you can sit in the chair by standing with your legs together and bending your knees to one side.


Follow the same guidelines for bending in a skirt or dress as you would for moving something heavy: Bend at the knees rather than the waist. Use one hand to keep your dress against your legs, just below the butt, as you bend to guarantee coverage.


Walking with tight dresses can be very difficult especially if it is your first wearing such a dress as you need to be taught how to walk so you trip and fall or tear your dress like this has happened on some occasions.

To walk well with your tight dress you just to take small walks at the same time, especially for your first time don’t walk too fast just take small steps and you are good to go.

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