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How To Wear A Floor Length Skirt Or Dress

A lengthy dress is an excellent way to add a touch of glitz to your ensemble. But how do you move without falling over the hem of a floor-length gown? Make sure your dress fits you properly to avoid embarrassing (and potentially deadly) trips.

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Your skirt might easily send you down if it’s too long. While wearing your floor-length dress, stay away from circumstances that could cause you to trip, such as escalators and bicycles.

How To Wear A Floor Length Skirt Or Dress

Try on the dress without any shoes to see how it fits

While you won’t be wearing it barefoot, you don’t want to have to pick it off the ground in five-inch heels. Even if you’re not wearing shoes, trip-proof clothing should only touch the ground.

Check to check if the skirt is tangled

The skirt should make it easy for you to move around the room. Unfortunately, some textiles may stick to your legs, making walking without tripping considerably more difficult. Spray some anti-static product on the inside of the dress if this is the case.

If necessary, lift the hem with heels

Even if it’s only a few inches off the ground, you might think it’s too long for you. Begin with a kitten heel of one to two inches (2.5 to 5.1 cm). If you want a bigger boost, go for a three- to four-inch (7.6- to 10.2-cm) heel. This should raise the garment several inches (or millimetres) above the ground.

Wear shoes that are both comfortable and safe

First, try on the shoes you want to wear with your long dress with another outfit. They’re not a suitable choice for your floor-length dress if they give you blisters or, even worse, cause you to trip.

Walking in your dress and shoes is a good idea

Once you’ve decided on a pair of shoes (or several) to go with your outfit, practice walking about in them. This will allow you to gauge the size of the steps in your gown. It’ll also make you feel more secure about not tripping as you leave the house.

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