How To Maintain Handbags – fashion

Handbags are something that every lady has whether it is small or big in size and in most cases they are very expensive especially for people who love quality bags, so ladies always look for a way to maintain these bags properly cause it hurts to see them damaged.

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There are ways to maintain that beautiful handbag you love and value

Dust the bag – when you notice your bag is dusty, use a cotton damp cloth to wipe off the dust gently but in case of stains add little water to wet the cloth but not too much then wipe off the stain. Once you have successfully wiped the stain off using a dry cloth to wipe the exact spot to ensure that the bag is totally dry.

Where to place your handbag – You should place your handbag in a cool dry place away from the sun.

If your bag comes with a dust bag please ensure you always make use of it.

Stuff soft and dry materials in your bags when you are not making use of it to maintain the shape.

Be careful of the kinds of things you put in your bag especially the expensive and colorful ones.

Do not carry very heavy things that are capable of tearing your bag.

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